Nippon Paint Marine business is a subsidiary of Nippon Paint Holdings, Asia’s foremost paint supplier and the world’s fourth largest coatings company. With a global manufacturing and distribution network Nippon Paint Marine has been producing marine coatings since the 1880s and is widely regarded as a pioneer in the development hull protection and antifouling paints.  We make every possible use of Nippon Paint Group's technology in research and development. Nippon Paint Marine not only works on researching paints, including original coating technologies to develop safer and more eco-friendly products, but also has made an early start on extensive studies of marine organisms and fouling mechanisms, essential to the development of antifouling technology. Established in 1973, our marine research centre in Okayama is the first of its kind in the world for marine coatings’ suppliers has enriched basic research, including the study of marine growth, its attachment and consequently its prevention.  As a result, research by Nippon Paint Marine was able to develop and launched Ecoloflex, the world’s first self-polishing (SPC) tin-free antifouling paint in 1991. The first low-friction LF-Sea series followed in 2008 and in 2017 the organisation introduced Aquaterras, the world’s first biocide-free antifouling paint.  In 2021, Nippon Paint Marine introduced FASTAR the industry’s first antifouling coating with a nano resin structure. Nippon Paint Marine is accredited to ISO 14001 environmental standards and manufacturers coatings products in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.